RHEL 7.4 Installation in VMWare Workstation

                                                            RHEL 7.4 Installation


This is the article which will guide you step-by-step installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4.
After Os installation we are going to install oracle binaries.

Let’s start the Demo:-
Step1:- Select the media either from DVD or ISO. Here, I use ISO for OS Installation.

Step2:-Here, select “Install Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.4” then press enter.

Step3:- Select the appropriate language for the OS Installation. Here I am going with the default one English.

Step 4:- In the Installation Summary, select your timezone in LOCALIZATION category and select software selection from SOFTWARE category.

Step5:- Then select “Server with GUI” and select the required RPM packages

Step6:-After RPM packages selection, Under SYSTEM category select “Installation Destination” for Mount Point Partitioning.

Step 7:-Now, select the Hard drive we need to partition and select “I will configure partitioning”.

Step 8:-When press DONE, the below partitioning page will appear. Then start the manual partitioning.

Step 9:-If you want OS to create the partitions automatically, select “Click here to create them automatically”, else select addition and partition as per your requirement.

Below the sample for Mount Point naming and size

Below is the mount point I created.

/boot – 1024MB  <— Mandatory

swap – 8GB            <— Mandatory

/         – 60GB          <— Mandatory

/oradb – 168GB (Remaining Space)    <— Optional for Oracle Home and Database files

Step 10:-Now press DONE and BEGIN INSTALLATION. Set the ROOT Password, meanwhile the packages will be installation.

Step 11:-Once the Installation is complete, select REBOOT to restart the server.

Step 12:-After restarting the server, accept the LICENSE INFORMATION from LICENSING category and FINISH CONFIGURATION.

Step 13:-Select the Language option as English

Step 14:-Select the Keyboard Layout

Step 15:-Select the privacy OFF button to switch OFF the Location

Step 16:- Select the time zone as UTC +05.30 as Chennai,India.

Step 17:-Skip this below step to avoid Connect your Online Accounts

Step 18:-Set Username to login as a oracle user

Step 19:-Set Password for the oracle user and confirm it.

Step 20:-Click Start using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server.

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