Taking RMAN Backup Using Shell Script On Crontab

Enable tracing for an Oracle Session

Checks ASM Disk groups, FRA & TABLESPACES Size on the database

To Show Top 5 Sessions Consuming CPU

To get session information

RMAN FULL Backup of a database


FAILED LOGIN ATTEMPTS in the last n of days.

Deletes Applied Archives older than Specified N hours on STANDBY DATABASE

Backup & Gather Statistics On SCHEMA or TABLE.

To check invalid objects


Kill long running queries for more than N hours

To check last logon time for EACH User

To unlock locked users

To generate ORABEDUG report

Backup Controlfile & SPFILE & Generate AWR Report on ALL Running Databases

To show ASM disks information and their group

Database COLD Backup Script.

To show the size of all datafile

To check the LAG between Primary & Standby database

To shows the AUDIT records for a user

Deletes the ARCHIVE LOGS of a database

Gathers object stats using ANALYZE

Generate DDL for all users

To get all sessions information

To show all Active Sessions info

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Oracle Schema DDL

To find the oracle database redo logs and switches per day

Find the CPU usage by session

To check the Library Cache Lock contention

Oracle 10 Largest Objects in Database

Oracle Database Size

Show the top 10 longest-active user sessions

Currently Oracle Active Sessions

Check Oracle ACTIVE and INACTIVE Sessions

Query to find the session that is generating more Archives


Query to find tablespace usage above 80%

Find Total archive generated with Size – day wise

Query to find out the Disk Group Details in RAC

Compile Invalid Objects in oracle

Oracle Database Schema size

Oracle Datapump monitoring scripts

To check the standby sync status with primary

Blocking information in Oracle RAC environment

To check the plan change for the bad SQL_ID

To find the size of Oracle database

To get the all schemas size from the oracle database

To get the list of Oracle fragmented tables

Display A Oracle Tablespace Usage

To Get The Oracle Table size and index size

Run the gather statistics for a Oracle table

Find the Database uptime in terms of Days, Hours and Minutes.

To Analyze the DISK I/o’s

To check INACTIVE sessions with HIGH DISK IO