Oracle AIOUG Chennai Chapter -Oracle Dataguard Deep Dive-2

This session is about Oracle Dataguard Deep Dive-2. Below topics will be covered with Live Demo using oracle cloud account.

18c/12c Dataguard New Features
Far Sync Instances
Data Guard Active Standby Database
Plugging An Oracle 12c Pluggable Database Into A Data Guard Container Database
SYSDG Privilege
Recover Standby Database Using Service Names

Dataguard Broker

Introduction to Oracle Data Guard
Oracle Data Guard Broker: Overview
Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration
Configuring Data Protection Modes
Performing Role Transitions
Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration
Enabling Fast-Start Failover
Managing Client Connectivity
Monitoring a Data Guard Configuration
Optimizing a Data Guard Configuration


Download the presentation

Oracle Data Guard Broker Session-1

Oracle Data Guard Broker Session-2

Oracle Data Guard Broker Session-4

Oracle Datagurard Broker Session-3

Special Thanks To Aioug Chennai Chapter Team

Hariharaputhran Vaithinathan
Harish Panduranga Rao
Justin Michael Raj
Veeratteshwaran Sridhar


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