Oracle AIOUG Chennai Chapter -Oracle Flashback Deep Dive

This session is about Oracle Flashback Deep Dive. Below topics will be covered with Live Demo using oracle vmbox.

History of Oracle Flashback Technologies
Flashback Architecture Overview
Flashback Technologies Transformation Since V9
Flashback Advanced use cases
Flashback Query
Flashback Table
Flashback Drop
Flashback Versions Query
Flashback Transaction Query
Flashback Query Functions
Flashback Database
Flashback Data Archive
Flashback Pluggable Database (PDB)
Temporal Validity


Download theĀ presentationĀ Oracle Database Flashback12R2

Special Thanks To Aioug Chennai Chapter Team

Hariharaputhran Vaithinathan
Harish Panduranga Rao
Justin Michael Raj
Veeratteshwaran Sridhar


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