Understanding The Oracle Sysaux Tablespace


The SYSAUX tablespace stores data for auxiliary applications such as the Log Miner, Work space Manager, Oracle Data Mining, Oracle Streams, and many other Oracle tools.

  • This tablespace is automatically created if you use the DataBase Creation Assistant(DBCA) software to build an Oracle database.
  • Like the SYSTEM tablespace, SYSAUX requires a higher level of security and it cannot be dropped or renamed.
  • Do not allow user objects to be stored in SYSAUX. This tablespace should only store system specific objects.
  • This is a permanent tablespace.

If you have backup of sysaux and following all archives then you can recover sysaux tablespace.

RMAN> restore tablespace sysaux;

RMAN> recover tablespace sysaux;

SQL> alter tablespace sysaux online;

If you say you lost sysaux file and you don’t have backup and all archive files, then you don’t have option of recreating sysaux tablespace

Solution for this scenario:

you may have to use CTAS or export backup of this database and rebuild complete database.

you may not be able to deal with physical backup.


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