ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file


Users are getting below error, while trying to connect to the database.

ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file
Linux-ia64 Error: 28: No space left on device
Additional information: 9925
ORA-01075: you are currently logged on


The error occurs , because the mount point where audit logs are written is filled.

check the mount point :

[oracle@ram ~]$ df -h

Filesystem    Size     Used     Avail   Use%    Mounted on
/dev/sda2      20G     9.6G      8.7G    53%      /
tmpfs          3.0G    276K      3.0G    1%       /dev/shm
/dev/sda1      194M    105M      79M     58%      /boot
/dev/sda5      45G     40G       3.4G    93%      /u01
.host:/        293G    203G      91G     70%      /mnt/hgfs

[oracle@ram ~]$

We can see that mount point is filled, so database is not able to write audit logs in adump location.

To fix this, clear space from that mount point And make sure free space is available for the audit logs.

Once space is available, user can connect easily.


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