RestAPI for Oracle DBaaS Cookbook

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Great news that I wanted to share with you all!!! I am delighted to announce the launch of my first Oracle technical book named “RestAPI for Oracle DBaaS Cookbook”. 

This book authored by myself (Hariprasath Rajaram, Cloud OCP on DBAAS),  Skant Gupta (Oracle Certified Master) and Stuti Kaushal (Oracle Certified Associate)  describe the hands-on guide imparting practical working knowledge and guidance of RestAPI concepts.

The Target Audience

The primary target audience are Oracle DBAs and Oracle Cloud DBA’s (DBaas). This book has been diligently planned for all levels of DBA experts. Coming right from the real-world practicing DBA’s, this book is written as a hands-on guide imparting practical working knowledge and guidance of RestAPI concepts.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Introduction to RestAPI covers the Fundamentals of RestAPI, verbs, methods and status codes.

Chapter 2, Access Rules discusses the method of creating a rule, viewing a rule, enabling a rule, disabling a rule and deleting an access rule using RestAPI in Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Chapter 3, Backup and Recovery discusses method to start a backup operation, viewing all backup operations, starting a recovery operation and viewing all recovery operations.

Chapter 4, Patches illustrates the details about various operations being performed on Oracle Database Cloud patches using RestAPI

Chapter 5, Service Instances gives an overview on the usage of Oracle Database Cloud Service instances using various RestAPI methods

Chapter 6, Snapshots discusses the procedure of creating, viewing and deleting a snapshot in database using RestAPI

Chapter 7, SSH Keys describes usage of Oracle Database Cloud service RestAPI to create and manage database endpoints to view and manage Secure Shell (SSH) public keys of a Database

This book is available on Paperback, Kindle Edition and PDF version.

RestAPI for Oracle DBaaS Cookbook-Paperback



Special thanks for Skant Gupta for initiated the writing of this book and helped me to complete it on time successfully along with Stuti Kaushal.

Skant Gupta
Stuti Kaushal
RestAPI for Oracle DBaaS Cookbook-Kindle Edition

Family Members

Special thanks to my wife and son who have patience during this time and helped me to complete this book. Without your support, i would not have completed this!!!

Doyensys Team

Thanks Somu Chockalingam, president of Doyensys Inc, for his encouragement and motivation to complete this book successfully. Thanks to all Doyensys DBA team who has supported me during this journey. Special Thanks To Marimuthu Pandu

Aioug Chennai Chapter Team

Thanks for overall support and guidance from AIOUG team, especially Hariharaputhran and Harish for their support.

Hariharaputhran Vaithinathan
Harish Panduranga Rao
Justin Michael Raj
Veeratteshwaran Sridhar


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