Oracle 18c-Configure Data Guard On Oracle Cloud Service

                  Configure oracle 18c Data Guard on Oracle Cloud 


  • in this article we are going to see how to configure oracle 18c Dataguard on Oracle Cloud
  • Using Oracle cloud account we are going to configure the Dataguard
  • Creating a Free Account In Oracle Cloud Here
  • Oracle Data Guard Provisioning in Oracle Cloud
    -Primary on Premise, DR in Oracle Cloud
    -Primary and DR both in Oracle Cloud
  • In this article we are going configure 2nd method(Primary and DR both in Oracle Cloud)
  • Oracle cloud provides fully automated setup of your primary and Standby database. Here your primary and DR both databases reside in Oracle cloud

Let Start’s the Demo:-

Step1:- Login to Oracle database Cloud Service Wizard
Click Oracle Cloud My services->Database

Step2:-Oracle Database Cloud Service click create instance button

Step3:- Select Required Software release
(The option,, or

-From the Instance Name select the Chennai
-From the Description select the Dataguard
-From the Software Release list, select Oracle database 18c
-From the Software Edition list, select Enterprise Edition.
-From the Database Type list, select Single Instance with Data Guard Standby.

Then click Next to continue.

Step4:- Fill required details in Service details

-For DB Name (SID), enter Chennai. PDB Name enter PDB1
-Set the administrative password (this is sys password).
-For Usable Database Storage (GB), enter 25.
-for Total Data File Storage (GB), enter 88.5
-From the Compute Shape list, select OC3 -1 OCPU, 7.5GB RAM
-For SSH Public Key, enter the Public Key.
-From Backup Destination list,select None
-From the Standby Database Configuration, select Disaster Recovery

Then click Next to continue.

Step5:-  Verify the configuration details and click Create

Step5:-  Finally oracle 18c dataguard is ready use.

Step6:-Now Login to the Primary and Standby Server.

On Primary ServerOn Standby Server

How to generate and setup a SSH Key could be found here


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